Pre Purchase Inspections Near Me

How much does it cost?
Our standard charge for inspecting a vehicle that you are considering purchasing are (currently $85.00).
What items are evaluated during our pre-purchase inspection?
There is a long list of items that our experts will evaluate during this process. Here is a copy of the pre-purchase vehicle checklist that our staff will fill out and provide to you once the inspection is completed. Pictures will be provided.
Our Vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspection Includes The Following:
Under the Hood

Engine Oil Level/Condition
Brake Fluid Level/Condition
Coolant Hoses/Radiator/Cap
Accessory Drive Belt Condition
Battery Cold Cranking Amps
Battery Terminals/Cable Ends
Clutch Fluid Levels
A/C Operation/Condenser/Lines/Compressor Oil Leaks

Under Car

Differential Fluid/Breather Vent Operation
Tire DOT Numbers
Tire Condition/Inflation/Spare & Jack
CV Joint Boots/Drive Axles/Propeller Shafts/U-Joints
Steering Rack Boots/Steering Linkage
Shock/Strut Condition
Brake Friction Components/Hydraulic
Transmission Fluid Level/Condition/Clutch

Lights (Including Instrument Cluster Illumination, Dome, and Courtesy)
Warning Lamps/Gauge Function
Cruise Control Operation and Disengagement Modes
Seat Adjustability/Seat Belt Operation
Latches/Locks/Window Regulators
Cloth/Upholstery Condition/Leather Condition


Exterior Lights (Including tail, turn, side marker, main, and high beam)
Body Damage and Rust (including underneath the car)
Windows and Windshield (cracks, trim, etc.)