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Exhaust Services

If not appropriately cared for, your exhaust system can gradually deteriorate your engine and build up carbon monoxide in the passenger cabin. If this happens, the results can be deadly. That is why we offer a holistic selection of exhaust system services to ensure that your car’s exhaust system is safely diverting harmful exhaust fumes from your engine. Our regular inspections will detect if you need to repair or replace your vehicle’s exhaust system and we are here to fix whatever issues your car may be experiencing. 

If you haven’t had a check up in a while, here are some premature signs of issues with your exhaust system. 

  • Vibrations in  your car
  • Your check engine light appearing on your dashboard
  • Rattling noises from you car
  • Unusually loud exhaust noises
  • A decrease in your fuel efficiency 

Our services range from exhaust, muffler, tailpipe repair and replacement to catalytic converter and exhaust manifold repairs. At Platinum Plus Auto, we offer custom exhaust fabrication as well as various exhaust upgrades, giving you and your car the best exhaust system suited to the type of vehicle.

Fix It Now, Pay Later Services

We’re always looking out for our customers at Platinum Plus Auto. We provide monthly payment options for your exhaust services. An associate will help you find a way to pay for your repairs. Visit one of our locations in Richmond on Broad Street, in Midlothian on Hull Street, or in Hopewell on Oaklawn Boulevard.

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