Car Battery Replacement & Services
Some “Do-It-Yourself-ers” can perform these operations with all of the needed tools and equipment. Otherwise, save time and money by visiting your nearest Platinum Plus Auto Repair. Have any needed repairs done by a trained and experienced technician without the hassle of performing the fix at home.
Battery diagnostics and maintenance includes:
Visual and physical inspection for loose connections, dirt and corrosion
Disconnecting and cleaning cable ends and battery terminals
Applying a protective coating to prevent moisture and delay corrosion
Replacement of worn or damaged cable ends
Tightening cables to battery for optimal connection
Testing to measure performance in harsh weather conditions
If your battery has adequate capacity but still is losing its charge, further testing is required. This type of test includes determining the electrical draw of the starter and the output of the alternator.
Your local Platinum Plus Auto Repair has the equipment and highly trained technicians to meet all of your car battery inspection, service, replacement and installation needs.