Are Your Wheels Misaligned?
When you drive, does your car feel like it’s veering to one side? Is the steering wheel angled even though you’re driving straight? What about tire wear or strange tire noises? Signs like these could mean it’s the right time to bring your car to Platinum Plus Auto Repair for an alignment service. Richmond highways and roads aren’t always in ideal condition, but that’s the nature of driving. We take on the road no matter what, and sometimes that includes potholes, curbs, and unexpected bumps! Drive comfortably and smoothly with routine alignment checks at your one-stop alignment place in Richmond, Hopewell or Broad Street Platinum Plus Auto Repair. When your wheels are aligned, your car or truck handles better. It’s that simple!
Alignment Services that Can’t Be Beat
Whether you need a front alignment or rear. Our experienced technicians will help adjust your camber, caster, and toe angles so that your vehicle drives straight and even.
Alignment Cost & Timing
If you haven’t had your alignment checked in over 6,000 miles or 6 months, it could be time to schedule a wheel alignment at Platinum Plus Auto Repair. So steer this way! Save time by scheduling an alignment appointment online!