Payment Option's


Easy Pay Financing

Easy Pay is an option that allows 90 days No Interest. Must have a checking account. Click apply now for instant decision. 

EasyPay Benefits  

 Save money:
90-day interest rebate means if customers pay off their balance in 90 days, they get a full interest rebate*** No money needed upfront:
You can finance with $0 down today

 No surprises:
Fully transparent contracts  Enjoy rewards and not penalties:
Customers aren’t penalized for paying off a contract early, and if they pay it off in 90 days they get a full interest rebate* Build positive credit:  By making timely payments in full         
Financing for up to $5,000 in repairs 

Synchrony Financial

Synchrony Financial

Good credit allows 6 months No Interest. Apply to Synchrony in the store

In-House Financing


Didn't get approved for the credit builder options? No worries we have an in house plan that allows  up to 2 months No Interest No Credit Check.  Must have Virginia registration, bank card and Valid Virginia Driver's license. Money down required. (Active Military) these restrictions do not apply.

West Creek Financial

  •  With West Creek Financial it takes only seconds to get approved for up to $5,000 on a lease-to-own contract. More than 80% of applications are approved — even those with low credit scores.             
  •   90-Day Purchase Option or Early Buyout:

                And with the 90-day purchase option — you can choose to purchase the item within 90 days of delivery and pay only the initial $40 payment plus the invoice amount. After 90 days, you may choose the early buyout option and purchase the merchandise at up to 64% of the remaining balance on the lease.             


  • Photo ID
  • Social Security Number, government ID or ITIN#
  • Debit card with initial payment of $40
  • Checking account
  • $1,000 a month income